The objective of OMB is the creation of a research unit dedicated to the “Mediterranean Basin” in the form of an “Observatory” (OMB), and as a possible niche in the market within the structure of the Research Center on Sustainability and Resilient at UPEM Faculty of POLIS University, Tirana Albania. However, OMB aims to be a network of actors interested in the subject, rather than a mere unit of an individual school. U-POLIS is more a starter and host of the initiative, which preferably will be jointly managed by its network partners. 

Starting from the Balkans, the interest will be extended to all the cities and regions/countries that overlook the Mediterranean basin of what is recognized as the “olive region”, due to its specificities of culture, climate, and socio-political contexts. Under such a framework, the Observatory intends to monitor, highlight topics and develop analyzing tools that the Mediterranean cities/territories have in common, considering some specific aspects, such as the issues of territory, water, architecture, public space, and urbanism. 

The main idea behind such an applied unit is to define a strategic network working on inter-disciplinary, cross-sectoral, and multiple activities and interests, in which Mediterranean Cities can be observed as crossing points of different cultural and professional identities. OMB adopts the term of multi-modality to define a complex condition in which the Mediterranean basin has always lived, a mix of knowledge, culture, and heritage that through time and history gave birth to human civilizations. Part of the scope of this unit will be the idea of making the Albanian nation more operative within an already existing network facing the Mediterranean basin, this must be considered in terms of research activities as well as applied research projects.


Board of Directors Institution
Sotir Dhamo POLIS Univeristy
Besnik Aliaj POLIS Univeristy
Dritan Shutina Co_Plan

Besnik Aliaj Polis University
Besjana Qaja Polis University

Trieste- Ferrara - Bari - Palermo - Sassari (ITA)
Barcelona - Malaga (ESP)
Tangier (MOR)
Algiers (ALG)
Tunis (TUN)
Tripoli (LIB)
Cairo - Alexandria (EGY)
Tel Aviv - Haifa (ISR)
Gaza (PAL)
Beirut (LBN)
Antalya - Izmir - Istanbul (TRK)
Nicosia (CYP)
Thesaloniki - Volos - Athens - Patra - Crete (GRE)
Kotor (MNT)
Split - Zadar (CRO)
Ljubljana (SLO)
Corsica - Marseille (FRA)
Prof. Dr. Besnik Aliaj
Dr. Sotir Dhamo
Dr. Loris Rossi
Dr. Llazar Kumaraku
Dr. Skënder Luarasi
Dr. Besjana Qaja