Conference Workshop, 2020: “Reporting Housing Rights”

Rights in Albania are commodified and the rest of the economy is monopolized informally. This happens regarding rights on the legal tenure of housing,  water and sanitation access,  clean air access, access to infrastructure and services,  energy, (see SDG2030) and other on forms under adequate housing definition (see UN, ICESCR).  The pandemic response by locking-down has created further polarization in the access to rights. Beyond those rights declared and signed by the public institutions new forms of vulnerability emerge, with local characteristics, on the spatial dimension, demographic and on the economical level. Reporting Housing Rights  aims firstly to give a broader and description of the housing rights, referring to international agendas, look for the local realities, and mapping the disadvantages. Participants would get in the workshop through theoretical lessons, meetings and surveys in the territory, and ethical reporting and activism in the city.