Prishtina New European Capital. Images of a city to be discovered
A Project of the Joint International Ph.D. Program POLIS University, Albania – Ferrara University, Italy

Editors: Prof. Dr. Besnik Aliaj, Adj Prof. Dr. Loris Rossi
Layout & Design: Besjana Qaja
English Editing: Alkeda Reci
Tirana, November 2019
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1. Introduction
2. Interdisciplinary Exchanges
3. Prishtina Workshop
4. Prishtina City Lab.
5. Conclusions

1.1 Dr. Loris Rossi, Msc. Laura Pedata
Multi-scale reading of a city’s resilience. [p 12]
2.1 Arbër Sadiki
Reflection of sociopolitical developments in the architecture of Prishtina during 1945-1990. [p 18]
2.2 Prof. Dr. Antonello Stella University of Ferrara. Department of Architecture.
From the global city to the city by parts. A reflection on the meaning of the
contemporary city starting from the case of Prishtina [p.26].
2.3 Msc.Dorina Papa. Faculty of planning, environment and urban management POLIS. University. Tirana
Envisioning the future of Prishtina. An image shaped by the spatial experience. [p 34].
2.4 Domenico Pastore Architect, Adjunct professor of architectural representation at Polytechnic University of Bari.
Francesca Sisci. Architect.
The Image of the architecture in the City. [p 42]. 
2.5  Ilir Gjinolli University of Prishtina, Department of Architecture.
From Ottoman to Modern – transformation of Prishtina, 1945-1990. [p 50]
2.6 Llazar Kumaraku, Faculty of Research and Development – Polis University.
Ulpiana: a historical potential for the new Prishtina. [p 64]
3 Prishtina workshop
3.1 Loris Rossi, Llazar Kumaraku report edited by Besjana Qaja. POLIS University / Tirana.
Prishtina New European Capital/ workshop description. [p 76]
3.2  Aguljeln Marku, PhD. researcher / POLIS University
Improving Energy Efficiency, reducing air pollution. Intervening in Public Service Areas to save energy and reduce gas emissions. [p 112]
3.3 Amanda Terpo, PhD. researcher / POLIS University
The Road to change, transformation through infrastructure. The development of Prishtina city through infrastructure. [p 122]
3.4 Besjana Qaja, PhD. researcher / POLIS University.
Prishtina as Part of Main Transport Corridors. The role of Route 6 and Route 7 for the city. [p 134]
3.5 Ermal Hoxha, PhD. researcher / POLIS University.
Prishtina Cultural Patches. Re-evaluation of Ulpiana’s “late modernist” heritage through interrelated cultural interventions. [p 146]
3.6 Fiona Imami, PhD. researcher / POLIS University
Survival and Sustainability. Local Finance Concerns in Prishtina, the new capital of Europe. [p 158]
3.7 Ilda Rusi, PhD. researcher / POLIS University.
Building typologies of Prishtina neighborhoods. Visual assessment of structural and architectural configuration towards a more distinct urban image. [p 166]
3.8 Keti Hoxha, PhD. researcher / POLIS University
Abandoned Buildings and Memory The Importance of The Buildings of The Past in The Identity of The City. [p 180]
3.9 Laura Abbruzzese, PhD. researcher / University of Ferrara
Renew-Moving Prishtina, The Kosovar Capital as a
multimodal transport hub returning obsolete facilities to
people Ferrara. [p 188]
3.10 Malvina Istrefaj, PhD. researcher / POLIS University
Towards a greener Prishtina. Green Infrastructure (GI) as a tool for generating Strategic Environmental Guidelines. [p 204]
3.11 Sara Pouryousefzadeh, PhD. researcher / University of Ferrara.
Biophilic design. Prishtina natural landscape restoration according to IUCN
categories in Urban protected areas. [p 216]
3.12 Silvia Imbesi, PhD. researcher / University of Ferrara.
User centered methodologies in design for social improvement:
The case study of Prishtina. [p 234]
3.13 Sim Kai Li, PhD. researcher / University of Ferrara.
Strategies connecting a city. Case study of singapore, a model
for Prishtina. [p 242]
3.14 Vittoria Mencarini, PhD. researcher / University of Ferrara.
Landscape Ecological Urbanism: Effective Strategy for Resilient Cities. How can landscape design be integrated in urban planning, reshaping urbanity and creating a new scenery? Strategic Proposal for the city of Prishtina. [p 254]
4. Prishtina City LAB.
4.1 Loris Rossi, Dorina Papa, Workshop Antonello Stella.
Urban Exceptions. The interruption of consolidated urban logics as an opportunity to regenerate public space in Prishtina. Studio and Theory of Architecture 3, 2017/18. [p 268]
4.2 Asdren Sela, Tutor: Ledian Bregasi and Saimir Kristo.
The ripple effect. An Official State Residence, Retreat, and Protocol
Center for the Sovereign Republic of Kosova . [p 280]
4.3 Liridona Blakaj, Tutor: Loris Rossi
A new market in the “historic center” of Prishtina. [p 290]
5. Conclusions
5.1 Besnik Aliaj, Rector / POLIS University.
Prishtina – A New European Capital. [p 300]