Rurban Sequences. Inquiries on Dropull’s states of Liminality
A Project of the Joint International Ph.D. Program POLIS University, Albania – Ferrara University, Italy.
Editors: Prof.Dr. Besnik Aliaj, Dr. Loris Rossi, Dr. Sotir Dhamo
OMB Issue Academic & Linguistic Reviewer: Dr. Skënder Luarasi
Layout & Design: Besjana Qaja
English Editing: Laura Pedata
Tirana, November 2020
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1. Introduction
2. Interdisciplinary Exchanges
3. Dropull Regulatory Plan
4. Workshop
5. 100 Villages
6. Conclusions

1. Introduction.
1.1 Besnik Aliaj, Sotir Dhamo, Polis University.
Introduction. [p 8]
2. interdisciplinary exchanges. [p 16]
2.1 Alesandra Battisti.
Rurality, landscaping, toursim and sustainbale develeopment. [p 18]
2.2 Artan Kacani, Polis Univeristy.
Liminality Articulations in Territorial Development: A Research On Biopolitics And Property Right Theories. [p 30]
2.3 Laura Pedata, Eranda Janku, Polis University.
Navigating Dropull through liminal spaces and thresholds. [p 38]
2.4 Saimir Kristo, Joana Dhiamandi, Polis University.
Dropull – liminal cultures / mapping identities. [p 50]
3 Dropull Regulatory Plan.
[p 66]
3.1 Summary of the general Local Plan of Dropull Municipality. Polis University. [p 72]
3.2 Amanda Terpo, Polis University.
Difficulties and innovation in GIS application at Dropull PPV case. [p 152]
3.3 Godiva Rëmbeci, Polis University.
The creative process of statistical gathering and analysing in Dropull. [p 160]
3.4 Ledian Bregasi, Polis University.
Using innovation as a tool for inverting emigration trends in Dropull. How digital manufacturing could leap the technological gap and strengthen the connection between the community and its territory. [p 164]
3.5 Sherif Lushaj, Polis University.
The process, difficulties and the innovative VSM findings of Dropull. [p 172]
4. workshop. [p 180]
4.1 Rurban Sequences. Inquiries on Dropull’s states of Liminality. Workshop.
[p 182]
4.2 Aida Ciro, PhD. researcher, POLIS University
Sustainable tourism development in Liminal Spaces. [p 214]
4.3 Blerim Nika, PhD. researcher, POLIS University.
Inquiries on the liminality in between Raw material extraction sites and urbanized centers. Study case The quarry in the outskirts of Sofratike. [p 222]
4.4 Emel Petërçi, PhD. researcher, POLIS University.
Landscape of historical identity. Exploring Landscapes in the State of Liminality in/and the case of Sofratika. [p 228]
4.5 Ilaria Fabbri, PhD. researcher, University of Ferrara.
Community-based rural development. The potential of a shrinking village with agriculture vocation. [p 236]
4.6 Joan Konomi, PhD. researcher, POLIS University.
Digital innovation in rural area. A vision for smart village in Dropull. [p 246]
4.7 Johana Klemo, PhD. researcher, POLIS University.
Shifting from liminality to destination. The case of Vrisera. [p 254]
4.8 Laia Gemma García Fernández, PhD. researcher, University of Ferrara.
Actions for sustainable development: A strategy for rural growth in Dropull municipality through the promotion of local resources for building and construction. [p 262]
4.9 Laura Boffi, PhD. researcher, University of Ferrara.
Growing thickness as a research methodology. [p 272]
4.10 Martina Suppa, PhD. researcher, University of Ferrara.
Overlapping Layers: a representation and learning landscape code for Dropull. [p 280]
4.11 Nikolla Vesho, PhD. researcher, POLIS University.
Structural Assessment and Seismic Performance of Traditional Stone houses in Dropulli region. [p 288]
4.12 Veronica Vona, PhD. researcher, University of Ferrara.
Derviçan: a morpho–typological development analysis as a tool for its conservation. [p 296]
5 100 Villages. [p 304]
5.1 Llazar Kumaraku, POLIS University, Tirana.
Urban and Territorial Planning paradigms in transition. Academia 100+ Villages and Dropulli case. [p 306]
6 Conclusions
[p 312]
6.1 Besnik Aliaj, Sotir Dhamo, POLIS University / Tirana
RURBAN SEQUENCES. Inquiries on Dropull’s states of Liminality. [p 314]